About Rashmi's Space

Every new day is a new beginning. Every experience is a new lesson - good as well as bad. 
Somewhere in the midst of a normal, routine, mundane day - you end up having an experience that is unlike any thing else! 
It is this extraordinary in the otherwise ordinary that Rashmi's Space is all about.  

Rashmi's Space is a heartfelt blog about my thoughts about the world around me, the experiences around me, my musings and ramblings about things I have seen, felt, noted, wished, wanted; and felt like talking about. 

Some of my ramblings are in the guise of intense thoughts, some as amusing thoughts, some of them are little stories and others are little verses I have found interesting. 
But most of all, Rashmi's Space is an attempt at understanding and living life - powered by the wisdom that has been handed down the generations. 

Welcome to Rashmi's Space and I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I love writing them.

Let's hope you find something extraordinary here that will have you coming back for more!