To be 'Dad'.....

Father, Daughter, Child, Man, Hug

Once a carefree bird, I mended my ways  
For an angel who came to me and blessed all my days
She gave me so much, and she filled my heart
We've come a long way now, till here, from the start....
But now, I trust - I've given all I had;
For today, am a changed man - 'cause now, am a Dad!

To be 'Dad'...what is it to be Dad? 
From a carefree dude with not a care in the world; to a dad, with the tender heart and worry lines etched on the brow, 'Dad' has come a long way indeed!

It all began when I got my first taste of freedom - the financial independence and being able to tell my Mom, "Here, let me take care of this..."

But before I could enjoy the heady feeling of independence too much, my parents started talking about getting me married. Pampered and loved to bits by my family and friends, the thought of marriage made me feel like a goner! I'll lose my freedom now, will lose my sense of self. I will lose my friends, my hobbies, will have to answer for what I do, what I watch......I thought of all the adjustments and all the compromises that are but naturally expected. Thought I was done now, perhaps, this was all it was...

But I was in for a surprise, when she walked in my life. I learnt to think of someone else before me, and happily too, let me add. She became my new best friend, my sounding board, my ray of hope. I wanted to do things right for her. I wanted her to trust me, to miss me, to want me, to need me. She did all this; and then she did more. She taught me to care, to love, to be dependent from the very core. I learnt to lean on to her, and she leaned on me. Together we learned what all we could be.

I thought all was good. My life was set now. Then once again, she turned my world upside down. She gave me an angel, our bundle of joy! Then looked up to me with scared eyes, and then, smiled all coy. "We'll get this," I said, "don't you worry now. We've learnt a lot together, we'll learn some more now." I assured my love, all was going to be fine. This little angel is as much yours as she's mine. 

But I was in for a bigger surprise. As my little angel chose not to sleep at nights! All day I would see my sweetheart work herself to pieces. So nights I would let her sleep with a shower of soft kisses. I took up playing with my angel in the nights..... and that's when I got my precious, paternal delights! I had never known the male heart could become so tender, could love someone so much, could care.....Oh, how I would wonder! 

My angel's tender touch and her unbridled love, her affection - she's so trusting, so easy, so sweet, so innocent. She brings out in me all these wonderful emotions. I am scared for her, I worry about her, I am proud of her... I see her grow so fast right in front of my eyes....until one day I wonder and search to my delight....where in this beautiful young woman, my little angel lies? And then she gives me that look, that says, "Dad, I am right here! Your angel, your doll..." I smile at her and know I have to worry aplenty ........When did my little doll turn into a young woman, with such grace....such beauty! A sweetheart who can make men go weak in their knees, with one look - just one look- oh! she doesn't even tease...

Then comes the day when I am introduced to a friend. A 'friend' who I see, is 'more than a friend.' I know my sweet-pie wants my approval but how do I say yes? - Who is this guy? Why does he want to be with her? Does he make her happy? Will he keep her happy? My head swirls with questions unanswered. And then she looks at me with those big brown eyes....and all my doubts melt, I know, I just do..... 

That was so long ago, though I remember it still clearly. Now I see her living her life on her terms, deliberately...cleverly. And I think was she always this strong or did she take that from me? Well, I don't know that, but I do know this - she's given me far more than what I ever did. She taught me to love. She taught me to care. She taught me to dream, she taught me to hope. She taught me kindness and she taught me more. 

I look back today at all I have been...and I see a son, a brother, a friend. I see them all but what I like when I see, even more than the rest, is when my angel tells me "Daddy you are the best!"

That settles it then, no questions, no doubts.......I am a Dad.....for life.......nothing less, nothing more!

Image courtesy: Pixabay

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