Sharing Is A Beautiful Choice To Make!

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A firm believer of positive parenting, I know that excellence is a habit, not an act; and that it takes practice and perseverance. That is why I am constantly on the lookout for opportunities when I can teach my little one something new and valuable. Many times I have used his outrageous demands, or the petty squabbles he has had with his friends as examples to teach values to him that I feel are important to be #ReadyForLife.
However, my little one being an only child, I have had no opportunity to teach him one of the most important values of all – sharing! So far, that is, until last week; when one such opportunity presented itself!
Its summer and the schools are shut. With the temperatures soaring to way over normal, children are now forced to stay indoors on extremely hot afternoons – no doubt a boring prospect for energetic seven – eight year olds! So then some of us mothers got together and planned playdates for our little devils so that they can have all the fun they want indoors! Obviously, the children welcomed the idea enthusiastically as was evident from their tired, sweaty and happy faces playdate after playdate. We took turns in having children over to each of our homes. And then it was my turn.
My little one’s best friend arrived mid-morning on a sunny Tuesday and the wonderful playdate began. Like a good house guest, he had brought some cookies. And he had also brought with him some toys of his own to play in case the boys got bored playing with what my little one had at home. I was happily looking forward to catching up on my work and some reading with a tall glass of iced tea by my side! But as you’d have already guessed, that was not to happen!
Within a half hour of the boys being sent into my little one’s room, I heard loud voices – like they were fighting. Now, my little one has been always taught to be a good host and he knows he is not allowed to fight with his guests; and no matter how much he wants to scream, he just can’t. (He gets special bonus points for that :)) So I was genuinely surprised when I heard his raised voice too. I decided to go check what the fuss was all about.
In his room I found paints and brushes scattered all over the floor with two white sheets on which some painting was in progress; and the boys haggling over a bottle of Gold paint. I asked them what the matter was and they said that they had decided to do painting and started on their respective pictures. Apparently my little one’s friend had brought paints and brushes of his own for just such a situation. And so the painting started. But as they progressed, my little one took out his Silver and Gold paints that his friend did not have and started telling him how his picture was more shiny and glittery because of these special paints! The friend obviously got upset and demanded he be given these too. My little one refused and they started fighting.
Yes! I thought. I was finally handed on a platter, the opportunity I had been waiting for! I sat down with them and explained that colours are an excellent and magical thing. When you mix two different colours a completely different and beautiful colour is formed. How does that happen? Each of the colours share a little of themselves to create a completely new and beautiful colour that looks and feels even more beautiful that each of them individually would. Sharing then, is beautiful, isn’t it, I said them. So why not my little one and his friend too share their colours so that each had a huge set of more than twenty colours to choose from rather than each using only the ten or twelve they had? And as for the Gold and the Silver colours I told my little one that he should share those with his friend so that his friend can make his picture special too; and take it home to remember it forever as the one he painted on a playdate he had with his best friend!
I don’t know which of my arguments worked, but they both seemed to take my talk seriously and the next hour went by in companionable silence as they both painted their respective pictures. When they showed me their pictures eventually, I was very happy to see both pictures had almost similar colours and more importantly, both pictures had the Gold and the Silver!
Of course, those pictures were not the only ones that got painted that day. My little one’s T-shirt had at least half the colours, if not all; on it. Some paint was on his friend too, but his friend had more chosen to paint himself than his clothes. I had to make them both wash up immediately and while they played a board game later on the balcony, I dumped my little one’s T- shirt in the laundry basket mentally calculating the effort it was going to take to rid it of all that paint.

But you know what, I didn’t mind the effort one bit; instead, I was happy that I had taught my little one a very important value that day – the value of sharing! And I would really like to believe that he always remembers how beautiful it is to share and how one’s happiness only increases when one shares what one has. I hope this is one more value that will help make my little one #ReadyForLife.


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