A Day Well-Spent Is A Day Well-Earned!

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This is the last weekend of the Dassera vacations here in Bengaluru. Our schools have been shut this past week and we have enjoyed the festival, the sweets, family and friends, loads of TV and iPad time! What’s more, it is going to be Saraswati Puja time before we know it, and children are going to keep their books for the Puja; with strict instructions not to take the books out till they are told. Not that the kids will want to take them out anyway; but still, now that’s one more thing less for mothers to suggest they do when children come whining “I am bored mumma, what do I do?”
Well, worry not, here’s something that will be fun and super entertaining for children as well as us parents alike! This weekend, India’s biggest kids and family event, The Krackerjack Karnival is right here in Bengaluru! The festival promises amazing games, workshops and fabulous food; and as someone who has just spent a wonderful day at the festival, I am here to urge you to make the time and pay a visit to this amazing carnival!
Right from the time you reach the venue, you can feel the electricity in the atmosphere. Voices of hordes of children squealing in delight beckon you; and as you walk the red carpet, yes, (‘the red carpet’ believe me,) you are transported into a completely different world! I mean where else will you find tattoo parlours, aeromodelling workshops, robotics workshops, 3D printing workshops, fun rides and games for your children; and oh, even Chota Bheem; all under one roof?
Even as you enter the main venue, your children are attracted towards the carnival games and rides where there are already children squealing in delight! And even as you try to cajole them into following you into the main venue by telling them there is much more in there; you are greeted by these amazing guys who have set up their gravity defying arts and crafts and robotics stall. They mesmerize your children with their battery powered remote controlled cars and their battery powered pens creating exquisite designs on papers; and even before you can tear your eyes away from these amazing DIY toys, the next stall already beckons you with Tattoos and face/body painting promise! And thus begins your journey into the incredible world of the Krackerjack Karnival!   
As you move around, you are greeted by stalls that promote anything and everything under the sun, and then some. These are people who have come from across the country; and they have stuff that will blow your mind! You find stalls with magic mirrors here, and stalls of blow pens that attract you and your children alike! You find stalls with intricately designed jewelry and lovely outfits for your little ones to indulge in the festival revelry. You also meet these lovely people who have made educational apps for children of all ages; and people who have apps that help you get the best of your city for your children. For Chota Bheem’s and Shiva's fans, there is a live show too where children can interact with their favourite characters; and of course, there is a Treasure Hunt for children to participate in!
But I guess the highlight of this children’s festival is the amazing workshops that children can participate in right there at the venue! There are diverse workshops on offer from arts and crafts workshops to robotics workshops to Math’s workshops to even unconventional workshops that let children can enjoy something as unique as reverse painting and 3D printing! There are also DIY workshops where children can make their own Diwali lighting using cardboard or even wood. And the best of all is the aero modeling workshop where children can make their own model airplane and take it home too!
All this excitement, now, is bound to make you tired right? Well, for your refreshment there are also stalls with some fabulous food that ranges from dosas to pizzas to chaats! You can also recharge yourself with any drinks you fancy, right from tea to sodas! So you can take a little pick-me-up break and dive right back into the action.

A very well-organised children’s festival that also wins over parents, the Krackerjack Karnival is a must visit for the entire family! As a personal recommendation, do check out the aero modelling and the 3D printing workshops. Am sure you will love them; oh and your children will too!


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