I am lazy......but I want money too!

Yeah. I want money too...we all do! In this wonderful and beautiful gift of life that we have
received, we all crave for a lot many wonderful and beautiful things that money can buy, if only we had all the money that we would ever need! The mere prospect of making money, or rather, making a lot of money, is very very appealing. But the requisite investment of time and hard work for the said purpose is a little difficult to achieve.

Now they say you can make money out of your hobby, well I say why not? But the question does remain that if a hobby is going to earn you a few quick bucks, would you call it a hobby anymore? Look at it this way, you have hobbies to get away from the daily grind and monotone...but when you try to make money out of your hobby, where is the getting away?? Your hobby becomes your daily grind and monotone....how then will you still enjoy it? So, oh great talkers of the world, please explain to me what you mean when you say you can make money out of your hobby and enjoy it too!?
I read somewhere that if you can find out what you love to do, what you have always loved to do, you can make money out of it....uh-huh? It sounds so simple and yet, when you try to sit to think about it.....if you could have made money with what you have always loved to do....you would have already made it, right? Then where is it that we go wrong? I think, we salivate for easy money, is where we go wrong.....when you read such articles that tell you that you can make money out of your hobbies, money making suddenly does not look so tough and drab anymore and the hard work and the perseverance it entails is momentarily forgotten....but does it really work that way?
Any endeavor towards money making has to be disciplined and involves a lot of sacrifices....sab ko sab kuch nahi milta is duniya mein....and its true...don't believe me? Try it yourself......