I logged on to Facebook today and saw a pic of one of my college friends. Nostalgia hit me like a ton of bricks! Now you must think...awww, college, no wonder, 'those were the days'....'ah the good old college days'....no, none of that.....this was pure nostalgia for my friend, who has now been separated from me for the last decade (decade, really?)...and has disappeared somewhere in this large abyss of life! 

At the age of three a child is sent out of the home to spend a few hours in school. The parents feel, that the child anyway spends the whole day playing and rambling about, might as well send him to school so that he will get used to spending some time away from home. The child suddenly finds himself in unfamiliar territory where, oh this is a surprise, there are suddenly so many other little ones, his size, running around! For a lot of us, that's the first place where the real feeling of being lonely in a room full of people begins.....and from there stems the need to have someone close to us who is facing the same thing. There we make our first friend! As time passes and we go through school and college and later on generally with our life,  we make a lot of friends.... some we lose touch with sometime or the other while some we always keep in touch with, no matter how old we grow or no matter how far we go from them.
Each friend is important to us...har friend zaroori hai yaar! Each friend holds a special place in our hearts, each friend denotes a specific time in our life...some good times, some bad times, some of the times we'd rather forget.....and then some times we would give up anything to get back! Some friends feel like they are long lost siblings from another life...while some friends can never understand us...some are our friends just because everyone else is our friend...while some are inseparable....
Sooner than later, however, we all have to grow up and we all have to lead our lives. But friends make it easier (and in some cases, actually possible) to get on with our lives. Friends ....well there's too much said about friends everywhere, and every time.....not much new to be said there....its just what we all feel in our heats about friends that matters.
Unlike in love the commitment level in friendship can never be determined, and in a way it is good that this is so....because if we really knew which friend of ours was committed to us how much, well, in the least it would scare us....some for the good, some for the bad....But compared to a lover, a friend is more likely to stick with you through thick and thin.
Which takes me back to one of my favourite movies where one of my favourite actors answers the question "pyaar kya hai?" He says, "pyaar dosti hai....agar woh meri sabse achchi dost nahi ban sakti, to main usse pyaar nahi kar sakta"...... well, you would've met someone just now or known someone all your life.....but if you ask me, the best kind of lover who would end up growing old with you without once leaving your side is more likely to be your best friend, whether you realise it or not......


  1. So true!!!! The place of friends in our lives is just irreplaceable !!! And you know that I am missing my friend so much!!!!

  2. Superb Rashmi...totally agreed..thats a beautiful fact u have written...

  3. hey shabds, thanks, thats true....what friends do for you, nobody else can!! And your friend's missing you loads too!!

  4. thanks kavita, guess we all share the same sentiments, huh?


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