I Am Okay, You Are Better!

This is a sponsored post for Kellogg's Chocos #Khuljaye Bachpan Campaign and was first published on MyCity4Kids.com 

Children can teach us so much! A baby teaches us that we can be happy for no reason at all. A toddler teaches us that no matter how many times you fall down, all you have to do is get back up again! A pre-schooler teaches us that it is very easy to make new friendships if we are tolerant towards others. A middle schooler teaches us that hobbies can give immense pleasure. A teenager teaches us that life is all about new experiences and accepting the unusual. Children can teach us all this and much more, if only we let them. But we are so busy, trying to make them see the world through our eyes that we sometimes fail to see the world through theirs!
Every time we talk of parenting, or parenting styles; we only talk about how to raise your children to do this, or not to do this, or be this, or not to be this… It is as if, parenting is a project for us, which we can read about and learn about and put to practice, so that when moulded by us in the desired way; our children will turn out to be the ideal, confident, fearless, resourceful, hardworking, patient, loving, caring, generous, responsible adults that we wish them to be!
But in all this trying to raise children in a particular way we discount the fact that children are born with a tremendous potential to explore, learn and grow. While we are busy teaching our children all about life, they teach us what life is all about. I had heard this, but had never appreciated the beauty and truth behind it. That is, till I had a child of my own. Because when my little one came along, I found my life and my beliefs completely changing!
Unconditional Love
I always believed that people you love, know that you love them and that fact doesn’t change whether you say the actual words I love you or not. But my little one likes to be told at least a hundred times that I love her! She demands to be hugged at least ten times a day and twice as many times at night! She’s very physical when it comes to expressing love; and this has changed me a lot.
We all think we are experts in love and maintaining relationships. Don’t we love our parents, our spouse, our friends? What could children teach us about love? Well, for starters, children can teach us unconditional love. They can teach us that love is not dependent on what a person looks like or acts like, but how a person makes you feel! They teach us that just having love in your heart is not enough. You also need to show love to your loved ones.
Unreserved Trust 
I always believed that trust is like a ceramic vase. Once broken, it can never be regained in its original form. But when my little one jumps off the couch in my arms, believing that I will definitely catch her and won’t let her fall or get hurt; her trust amazes me. 
We all know that relationships based on mutual trust and closeness remain strong for life. And yet, we adults keep pushing people away, because of misunderstandings, prejudice, distrust or awkwardness. At times, we bear grudges; and find it difficult to trust people. But none of these issues exist for children. They only understand the language of love and peace!
Blissful Togetherness
I have been away from home on work a lot before. And I longed for some family time then. But since my little one came along, I have newly realised the joy of togetherness! Doing things together with my little one – playing, watching movies, reading, snuggling with her on rainy days, taking her out on nature walks or picnics – all the time when she is busy enjoying the simple joys of growing up, I learn, newly that life is beautiful - together!
We all know togetherness is a gift and we love to spend time with our loved ones. But sometimes our thinking gets clouded. We can’t let go of our personal preferences and prejudice. But children have no such qualms. And that's why they are the best to teach us the true meaning of togetherness.  
The truth is, when we become parents, we take on the responsibility of raising our little ones the right way. We believe, we are okay and we can raise them alright. But then, our children end up turning out to be way better than us and we are left wondering how was it that they turned out to be the way they did! And when that happens, we relish the feeling that, while we are okay, our children are definitely better!
So let’s take a moment and give our children the freedom of being better than us. The freedom to teach us something. Let this be our gift to them – a childhood of freedom.

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