“SooperMoo”- The Saviour In My Hour Of Need!

This is a sponsored post for MooSHake's #MilkJustGotSooper Campaign and was first published on MyCity4Kids.com 

We have all heard fantastic stories of superheroes helping people in distress. Children love superheroes for their super powers, but we parents usually take these stories with a pinch of salt; knowing fully well, that these stories are just that – fantastic! But today, I am here to tell you that superheroes are awesome! Yes. They are awesome, they have amazing powers and most importantly – they help people when they are really in need!
Surprised? Read on to find out my story of how the "SooperMoo"  of MooShake helped me in my hour of need –
My little one and I are best buddies. We do everything together. We eat together, read together, play together and even work together (yes, she does her homework when I work…) We even hit the bed together at night! (Okay, the truth is, when I go to tuck her in for the night, she always asks for a hug and a cuddle; and that invariably gets me into zzzzzland in no time!) So, yes, we do everything together. And since I work from home, in addition to being her best buddy, I am also my little one’s personal chauffeur entrusted with taking her to and back from school and anywhere else she intends to go. 
Now, as it so happens, my little one has been taking bi-weekly karate lessons since she was four. And recently, she has decided to take music lessons too; which has added two additional classes to our existing schedule, making it four classes a week. Now, with her school letting out pretty late in the afternoon, we get just enough time to get home from school, have her evening milk and leave for class; getting back home only in time for dinner.
The routine has gone on well for the past couple of months, but this week, I received an email from her music class saying they intended to reschedule the classes for two weeks for some reason. I read the email and I panicked!
I panicked because with the new timings, my little one would now not have the time to enjoy her evening milk! You see, she takes her evening milk very seriously; and on days when she doesn’t get to have it for some reason, she becomes cranky, irritable and generally grouchy! 

I was wondering about this situation when ordering the weekly groceries online, and luckily happened to see MooShake in the flavoured milk category! The quirky “SooperMoo” caught my attention instantly; and there was no doubt in my mind that this cute little ‘sooperhero’ was to come to my rescue :)
On reading a little about the product, I found that this is the world’s first milkshake with the goodness of haldi! And guess what, it comes in four exciting flavours – Slurrpy Mango, Peachy Strawberry, Oh So Chocolatee and Nutty Badam! Talk of finding the perfect solution! I ordered all the four flavours with a certain plan in mind; and hoped and prayed that my plan works.
Then this week, I took my little one for her classes at the rescheduled time. By the time the class was done, it was past time for her evening milk and we were far from home. Not surprisingly, see she was already looking a bit grumpy. So I told her I had a little picnic planned for her and that got her a little excited, although she was still far from being in the great mood I am used to seeing her in.
So, we went to the park; and I handed her a Slurrpy Mango MooShake. She was surprised and immediately began to read the “SooperMoo” story on the side of the carton. Amazingly, she was grinning by the time she took her first sip; and I knew at once, that my plan had worked!
I have found that one of the main ingredients of MooShake is curcumin, the component of haldi that gives it the yellow colour. Curcumin also has several other amazing properties such as boosting immunity, maintaining heart health, acting as a natural pain-killer as well as being a well-known antiseptic.
I have also found that MooShake contains less sugar than most other flavoured milk products currently available in the market. It comes in a cute carton too, that is just small enough to fit easily in my little one's hands and her cute Barbie bag. In fact, even I can carry it on me and not worry about hunger pangs when I step out on errands!
So yes, I am really glad I picked MooShake! We can now have milk every day, no matter whether we are at home, or out! And oh, although we have tried each and every flavour of this amazing milkshake, the Slurrpy Mango remains our favourite!

To know more about the magic of MooShake, do visit their website www.mooshake.co 


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