i Am Smart

Festival time!! You take lots of colorful pictures....you make a lot of lovely videos with your children and your visiting family and friends.....and then you share the pictures with those members of your family and friends that have missed out on the fun....wow! pretty simple huh?.....Of course!With my smart phone I can do all that and much more.....I can browse the net, have access to my emails, I can share my work and leisure with my friends, I can chat with them any time of day and night......all with just my smart phone!
It is amazing what a little thing that fits in your palm can do. You never feel alone when you have your smart phone with you.....you have all your friends right there with you. any time of the day or night. You can 'hang out' with your friends and colleagues anytime you want!
There was once a time when mobile phones were a novelty. Nobody knew what to make of this portable device that looked like an average sized pencil box and was too huge to fit in your pocket. I remember the earliest Nokia handsets which had these antennae poking out of the front shirt pockets of men. Growing up in Mumbai, the dalals on Dalal Street were the first I saw using these kind of handsets. Then the handsets changed rapidly to suit the shapes and sizes of people's pockets - literally as well as figuratively - and the novelty item suddenly became a necessity item. Parents thought it was the best tool to keep in check the whereabouts of their children. In the hectic chaos we call life today, it became one of the most important gadgets.....Leaving home in the morning? Keys, check....wallet, check....cell phone, check......This was one thing people hardly ever parted with. Initially people switched it off while they slept...but soon that changed too.....(what if someone needed to contact them urgently in the middle of the night??!!) The land line in the house now became a relic of the past.
With all the competition in the field, the companies needed something exclusive....something only their cell phone offered.....merely being able to make and take calls and send messages was not enough anymore......Ergo, the entry of the Smart phones! Now you did not have to go to your  laptop anymore......no need to get your expensive camera out anymore.....and oh, you feel this urgent need to chat with someone right now at this minute?....well, just get to your smart phone!! Email, Camera, Facebook, Twitter, Picassa, Whats App....and what not! Every thing you need bundled into one small gadget....just need an internet connection and you are done! Voila! This little gadget, never fails to amaze us....and whats more, it has succeeded in making us greedy for more......with all that it offers, there is no question that the phones have indeed become smart! (though the smartness of the people using them is a matter of debate for some other day...)
With almost all questions answered by this gadget even before most of them are asked, now the only question anyone wants answered anymore is 'what's new on offer in the latest version??'