The Jack of All Trades

Hey guys, its been really long since I fought the biggest hindrance in a blogger's life-laziness-and wrote anything. But then the mere thought of y'all forgetting me was so overwhelming that I decided to say hello, at least! Now you must be wondering what I have been doing all this while...well, other than fighting laziness, of course.....(although, its not totally untrue to say I haven't wondered the same myself....really...what HAVE I been doing?).....although its always easy to escape to the most rehearsed answer, working, of course!
But today, I felt this inexplicable need to share my thoughts....not that I haven't felt the need to share my thoughts during my 'lazy break', but today I decided to make time and actually share my thoughts....( a positive sign, surely...)
Now, while I have been away from you guys...well, I have done quite a few things actually
...tried my hand at experiments involving cooking, baking (some stuff turned out really well, and was gone within a few hrs time...while some of it ended up making my dustbin smell like a bakery on fire!)....I also have been busy reading (though not always writing) and spent time travelling and meeting new people (well some old people too) may be now I can start writing about all these wonderful experiences.....don't worry, don't panic, am not going to give you step by step instructions on the recipes I succeeded at, nor am I going to convert my posts into travel posts, or book only warming up today so that I can be back with a bang! (and hopefully get an idea for my new post soon).....
During my prolonged break from writing, I have seen a lot of my friends try their hands at different things some started food blogs, some started websites dedicated to arts, crafts n such, some haven't gone all the way yet, but have started making their own experiments and putting them up on our very own showcase...Facebook!.....but for me, every time the question came as to what specific subject should I (if I should) dedicate my posts to.....well I was always at a loss....In one of my favorite movies, the protagonist says, (and this is a translation)" How do men spend their entire life with one woman, I fail to understand....I don't think I can ever do can I? Some have beautiful eyes... some have beautiful lips....." (Today being his birthday, I just had to quote him!!)
Well, I find myself in the same position....every time I decide to dedicate my posts to a particular subject, I find something else more interesting, and then I just have to talk about it!
So finally, after much deliberation, I have decided, that my posts are about me, not a particular part of then they can be as varied (and as whimsical) as I can ever be!!
So welcome once again to my blog ladies and gentlemen!.......Fasten your seat belts......sit back and enjoy your ride...........!!!


  1. Glad that you are back!!! we look forward to your posts!!

  2. thank u dear.....still in search of a topic for the next :-)


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